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Shouldn't I be FEELING BETTER with all the exercise I do?

If I work out harder I will get more results! If I work out more days I will feel better and lose bodyfat! Actually most of the time I have found less is more and unfortunately the hardest working people in the gym see the least results, get discouraged and quit. In the next minute you may realize you've fell into a "if I work harder I will see more results" mindset. Most will actually walk into the gym in better condition then they leave. Everytime we exercise we are tearing down the muscle and our system. It's only with proper rest and nutrition that our muscles and system recover from the exercise and we start to move, feel and look better. Unfortunately most people do not get enough rest or nutrition to recover so everytime they hit the gym they continue to tear down their body before it even recovers to see improvement. Most of the people in the gym feel worse when they exercise than when they don't. I'll hear people say "I feel great! I have not worked out for over a week! I must have needed some rest."  You'll see the same mindset with a diet as well. "I cut my calories and I lost weight so if I want to lose more weight I will go even lower and maybe even skip some meals." Remember if you want to look and feel fit you must keep your muscle and just lose bodyfat. By skipping meals or going super low calories the body will go into starvation mode and drop your lean muscle and try to hold on to bodyfat. Even though the weight on the scale might temporarily go down a lot of what your losing is muscle. This will cause you to not not only feel lethargic and tired but your bodyfat goes up. It's important to remember that to get the best results you should be on an exercise program that correlates with what your goals are, allows for proper rest and recovery and that you are doing your best to eat a well balanced diet that will get you to to MOVE, FEEL and LOOK BETTER!

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